How to use the Bounce luggage storage app

Have you ever had to plan your day around your stuff? Let’s say you have to go to an event after work, but you have a backpack you can’t bring to the event. Instead of planning your day around dropping your backpack off at home, we recommend checking out our luggage storage app.

Our luggage storage service is perfect for travelers and locals alike. Our luggage storage app will connect you with the Bounce Luggage Storage Coupon sites where you can store all sorts of personal belongings, such as heavy purses, bulky shopping bags, E-Scooters, and more.

Instead of adding hours to your day dealing with the logistics surrounding your belongings, download the Bounce bag storage app to tap into our ever-growing luggage storage network.

What are luggage storage apps?

If you’re wondering what luggage storage apps are, then you’ve come to the right place. Luggage storage app services allow you to conveniently access and reserve bag storage in cities around the world, with only a few clicks on your mobile device.

With bag storage, you can travel with your hands free while your luggage is stored safely with your chosen temporary luggage storage partner.

What is the best luggage storage app?

When it comes to luggage storage services, Bounce has one of the best luggage storage apps out there. Bounce has partnered with local businesses all over the world to create secure luggage storage spots. The Bounce storage network is available online, however one of the best ways to access convenient storage locations on the go is to download the Bounce luggage storage app.

With our luggage storage app, you will have access to thousands of storage spots right at your fingertips where you can instantly reserve space. You can also update your reservation information through the app, adjust your bag pick up or drop off time, change the number of bags stored, or contact our 24/7 customer support.

The Bounce luggage storage app is available for download in the Google Play Store and in the App Store.

Get the Bounce luggage storage app on your phone

Instantly find locations nearby to drop off your luggage wherever you go

How to use the Bounce luggage storage app in 3 steps

1. Open the App to use our near me feature

Our luggage storage app uses your location to find nearby storage points, which are displayed, on an interactive city map. Open Bounce locations will appear in blue on the map. Simply use the map to scroll through the luggage storage options and select a convenient location.

2. Select a storage spot

To view the details of the bag storage point, click on the store icon, and the storage location hours will become visible. If the luggage storage location fits your needs, then follow the prompts on the app to complete the booking.

3. Drop off your bags

Now that your booking is complete simply head over to the storage location to check in and drop off your luggage, backpack, or bulky items. When you’re ready to pick up your bags, swing back by, and our storage partner will walk you through our secure checkout process.

Frequently asked questions about the Bounce luggage storage app

How much does it cost to use the Bounce luggage storage app?

Instead of creating a complex pricing structure, Bounce charges a flat rate per bag or item for 24 hours of storage. The price varies slightly based on currency but is always an affordable rate.

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