What Are the Benefits of a Masticating Juicer?

juicer We live in a world where we have seen immense change in the number of health-conscious people. Around 90% of them give priority to healthy living. Ever since COVID-19 hit the world, people have had their choices set, and it is no surprise that they are achieving their daily nutrition goals, thanks to appliances like a juicer that help make fresh and healthy juices at home. Traditional juicers are still there, but they are slowly getting upgraded to advanced juicers like a masticating juicer, which has gained popularity for extracting juice with all nutrients using a slow-speed mechanism. This kind of juicer extracts the maximum juice from fruits and vegetables. Let’s learn more about the benefits of masticating juicers.

What Are Masticating Juicers?

Masticating juicers work on a slow processing mechanism where every drop of juice is extracted from fruits and vegetables while maintaining their nutritional value.

Maximum Nutritional Value

The slow-speed process of masticating juicers helps preserve nutrients, enzymes and vitamins in fruits and vegetables, which helps you stay healthy and fit. The juice extracted this way is healthy and nutritious. Unlike other juicers, they don’t instantly squeeze out the fruit or vegetable at high speed, generating heat, and most of the nutrients get lost in the process. The slow speed mechanism avoids heat generation, which helps extract maximum nutritional value.

More Juice

Masticating juicers are known to extract the maximum amount of juice compared to other juicers. You can extract juice from any leafy, soft or hard vegetables and fruits. It allows you to avoid soggy pulp and extract refreshing juice from ingredients when preparing fresh juice at home. Comparatively, fruits and vegetables help extract 30% more juice.

Reduced Noise Levels

You know how noisy juicers can be, but in the case of masticating juicers, the operation can be slow and easy on the ears. They don’t generate noise and vibrations when in use because of their slow mechanism that eliminates maximum noise from the operation. Sometimes, people avoid making juice because of the noisy operation of juicers, which can disturb people around. Most people prefer masticating juicers for calm and quiet operation.

Extended Freshness

Juices made with traditional juicers don’t stay fresh for long. After a while, they start fading in taste. When you prepare juice with masticating juicers, they stay fresh longer. The juice gets squeezed through a slow mechanism, a process in which minimal heat generated allows it to stay fresh for the longest time. You can swirl the juicer a little extra and prepare juice in large batches at once without using the appliance repeatedly. You can sip it fresh every time you drink it.


Some juicers are designed specifically for making juice. A masticating juicer comes with various attachments that can be used for different food items, making it a versatile product for making smoothies, baby food, creams and even nut milk. Why limit your health goals to juices? Why not go further when you can make nutritious and healthy foods with just one product? If you love experimenting, then masticating juicer could be a good choice. These are the benefits of a masticating juicer. From extracting maximum juice to maintaining its nutrient value, it has exceeded the expectations of many users. It is not surprising that we are seeing its sales skyrocket. All these products, like juicers, water filters, or even a purifier, are essential kitchen items to live a healthy life. Remember that health starts from how you treat your internal and external body. So, why wait when you can optimize your health with tasty and healthy juices right in your kitchen?

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