9 Useful Tips for Moving Your Pets Via Packers and Movers from India to Istanbul

India to Istanbul

Do you wish to move to Istanbul with your pet safely and timely? Well, most people want a seamless move to Istanbul with their pets. However, they do not how to manage their pet relocation in a systematized manner. An international pet relocation process consists of several activities that you need to manage from your side. But a layman is not aware of the best methods to move his pet to your desired location. Just like a home relocation, a pet relocation too is full of challenges.

So, you must take care of every single aspect of your international pet relocation process to accomplish it without any problem. So, they book the packers and movers from India to Istanbul to get a hassle-free pet relocation from them. However, merely contacting the pet relocation service providers is not enough as you need a few tips to relocate your pets to another country.  These tips are mentioned as follows:-

Know About Pet Regulations

Before initiating your pet relocation through packers and movers from India to Istanbul, it is important to collect information about the pet regulations of the country you are shifting to. Once you get acquainted with it, you can easily move your pet to your destination country i.e. Istanbul. Apart from the pet regulations of this country, you can easily know about the vaccines your pet needs to enter your destination country. Moreover, you can get other important information about your pet relocation after contacting the embassy of the country you are moving to.

Get an Appointment with Your Vet

One of the first things you should do is to discuss your relocation process with your vet. You can collect all the medical documents of your pet after contacting your vet. This will help you in taking your pet from India to Istanbul without any problem. Moreover, you can also talk to your vet about your pet’s current medical condition. If it is going through any medical condition, don’t forget to take medicines for it from your vet during the international relocation through packers and movers from India to Istanbul.

Pet Travel Insurance

Don’t forget to get pet travel insurance while moving from India to Istanbul. This will be an extra support for you if your pet experiences any illness. Pet health insurance covers many injuries and illnesses. So, you don’t need to shell out money from your pocket if any problem pops up during the move. A few things that are covered in pet insurance include medications, surgeries, diagnostic tests, as well as hospital stays. Nowadays, each person avails of the best pet insurance before starting your relocation process. This will help you move your pet to your international relocation without any stress.

Carry a Suitable Sized Crate for Your Pet

Getting the right-sized crate will be highly beneficial for your pet if you are moving to an international relocation with it.  A crate will be highly suitable for your pet as it can stand, move, and even eat its food properly in it. However, make sure to use the large crate for your pet as this will have enough space for your pet. You can go through the best crates in the market and choose the right one for you.

The best would be however to choose the IATA-compliant crates for the international pet relocation. These crates are highly qualitative and have much space for your pet.

Let Your Pet Used to the Crate

Another thing to remember while moving your pet from India to Istanbul is to let your pet acclimate to its crate. Make sure to provide enough time to your pet so that it can easily get accustomed to it. This will help it get accustomed to the crate which will help you in moving from India to Istanbul safely with your beloved pet.

However, you must take extreme care in placing your pet in your crate. If your pet wants to enter the crate itself, then you must let it do whatever it can. This will provide ease to you and make your pet relocation less stressful.

Update the Microchips

Updating the Microchips of your pet is of utmost importance to you. Microchips are implanted by a vet under the skin of your pet. They contain the information of the pet owner and help in reuniting with your pet if it is stolen or lost during the international move. So, make sure to update your new number and address when you are moving to your desired international location. This will help you find your pet easily if it gets lost during the relocation process.

Get Your Pet Vaccinated

It is important to vaccinate your pet while moving from India to Istanbul. Make sure to know about the pending vaccinations for your pet after contacting your vet. Now, get your pet completely vaccinated before your pet relocation to another country. However, don’t forget to get your pet vaccinated against rabies which is required by most countries for pet relocation. Once your pet is completely vaccinated, you won’t have any problem taking your pet to another country.

Get Your Pet Acclimated to New Surroundings

When you reach your destination country, the next important thing to do is to arrange a place to sit for your pet. Moreover, you can also place some pet toys there. You can also get a blanket for the comfort of your pets. The reason behind arranging this place is to provide your pet an opportunity to get acclimated to the new surroundings. This will help your pet in knowing about the new surroundings which will leave it satisfied.

Hire Pet Relocation Service Providers

If you want to move your pet safely to an international destination, you must hire the leading pet relocation service providers in the market. Make sure to go through their credentials and reviews to find the prominent packing and moving company for your international pet relocation. This will help you find the experienced movers and packers.

Over to You

The above-mentioned pet relocation tips are immensely useful for relocating your pet to another location without any stress. With the help of these tips, you can easily move your pet to your desired destination through packers and movers from India to Istanbul.

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