Importance of retainers after Invisalign or any other teeth straightening procedure

Getting the teeth straightened is easier these days compared to the past. Now there are options of straightening the teeth without disrupting your normal daily life in any way. But it is important to select the right option that is most suitable for you. There are lots of teeth straightening options available these days. So, choosing the right treatment option is not easy and rather little confusing. First of all you have to decide whether you want to go for conventional fixed braces, ceramic braces or clear aligner trays like orthodontics Invisalign system to have the teeth straightened. But one thing that obviously gets overlooked in this overall mater is the choice of your retainer which becomes relevant once your teeth straightening procedure comes to a successful end.

In the following sections of the blog post let us explore orthodontic retainers – what exactly these orthodontic appliances are, what are the different varieties of the appliances available and why these are important in the overall process of straightening your teeth.

An introduction to orthodontic retainers

Straightening the teeth is all about changing the positioning of the teeth whether you use traditional fixed braces, clear aligners or lingual braces. When the position of the teeth gets alts altered, your teeth may require time to get adjusted to their new positions. Throughout the process of straightening your teeth the teeth will become straighter. But those ligaments, tissues and the muscles that support the teeth may require little more time to get used to their new and more aligned positions. This is when the role of orthodontic retainers becomes so crucial explains a dentist renowned for making some of the most reasonable offers on Invisalign in London. The expert explains further, retainers are an appliance that you have to wear once your teeth shift into their ideal position and your treatment to straighten the teeth comes to an end. Why you have to wear the appliances? You have to wear these orthodontic appliances to prevent a relapse of your straightened or correctly aligned teeth.

These retainers hold your teeth into their straightened or correctly aligned position preventing them to sink back into their original position. In absence of the retainers all your straightened teeth would have sunk back into their initial position thus undoing the entire effort you made to straighten those. In other words, in absence of these retainers all the straightened teeth that you achieved from your teeth straightening procedure get undone. Sinking back of the teeth into their original position is actually a natural phenomenon and dentists term it relapsing. A retainer is the essential tooth that holds your straightened teeth into their correct position and prevents their sinking back into their original position.

In easier words you can say orthodontic retainers are the final tool that you use at the fag-end of your teeth straightening journey to hold your teeth in their straightened position for the rest of your life and ensure a straighter and more attractive smile lifelong.

Do I have to wear retainers after my teeth straightening treatment?

This is a question that almost everyone asks who wants to have the teeth straightened. The one word answer is yes; it is important that you switch on to wearing retainers once your braces come out from your teeth for the final time without caring for whichever straightening method you may have chosen. In absence of the braces or aligner trays your teeth will have a natural tendency to sink back into the position they were previously. So whatever hard work you went through and the straighter smile that you achieved over the months seem to fade away after your orthodontic treatment comes to an end. In order to prevent this dismay from happening, dentists and orthodontists recommend patients to use retainers at the end of every teeth straightening treatment explains a dentist who offers Invisalign orthodontic treatment at most reasonable prices in London.  Retainers are a tried and tested means to retain or maintain your new, straighter and more attractive smile.

How long will I be on retainers?

There is no same answer to this question and in depends on quite a few factors and varies from individual to individual. The specific answer in your case will be provided by your dentist or orthodontist. Your dentist may ask you to wear retainers full time for a certain length of time and then onward wear it only in the night. Gradually that may even come down to only a few nights each week. It is important that you listen to and follow the instructions of your expert about this matter.

Different types of retainers available

Varieties of retainers are readily available and you have the one that suits you the best from those options. The type that you choose must comply with the recommendations of your dentist or orthodontist more than anything else.

Some of the common types of retainers include the following – wire retainers, permanent retainers, clear retainers and others.

  • Wire retainers

As the name suggests, wire retainers are made from a combination of wire and acrylic says a dentist renowned for launching affordable and cheap offers on Invisalign in London from time to time. This range of retainers is fixed behind the teeth and the acrylic part of the appliance is moulded to the palate or roof of the mouth. The wire part of the appliance holds the retainer in place and prevents it from slipping. Usually this variety of retainers is removable, somewhat similar to clear retainers. In other words you can take it out to eat, drink, brush and floss the teeth.

  • Permanent or fixed retainers

This range of retainers is bonded or fixed to the back of the teeth; usually the lower ones are selected to bond this variety of retainers. It uses a thin wire to fasten with the back of the teeth. Unlike the other varieties this one is less noticeable. Maintaining optimum oral hygiene with this range of best invisible braces is a serious challenge.

  • Clear retainers

1A Orthodontics is renowned for cheap invisalign London at almost throwaway prices in London. Dentists associated with it explain clear retainers are made from medical grade plastic material and remain virtually invisible inside the mouth. One of the most popular examples of this category of retainers is the Vivera retainers which come from the makers of Invisalign.

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