What Do You Know About Blue Sapphire Gemstone?

Blue Sapphire

The Blue Sapphire gemstone is a beautiful and transparent stone that is a precious gemstone. This stone is highly worn in the form of jewelry all over the world. The beauty of this gemstone attracts the eye. And the sparkle is very alluring. The deep blue color of the stone makes it alluring which is why many celebrities have seen wearing this gemstone as an engagement ring.

Although, this gemstone is more valuable because of its astrological significance. In astrology, this gemstone is a stone with immense powers. And if you want to wear this stone it is essential that you know everything about this gemstone.

Astrological Significance of Blue Sapphire Gemstone

In astrology, a natural sapphire gemstone is a stone of power of the planet Saturn. The stone is one of Navratns. These Navratans are the nine powerful stones found on Earth with the most influential energies. This stone is in association with the planet Saturn. And so the connection of this stone with it means that the stone will bless with the energies of it.

Benefits of the Blue Sapphire Stone

An original blue sapphire gemstone will have an effect on your mind, body, and soul. It will have a positive impact on all aspects of your life. To start with, the stone’s energy will increase your self-confidence and self-belief, reducing your self-doubts.

Other benefits of wearing the blue sapphire gemstone are as follows:

  • The stone will increase leadership skills and communication skills in you. It will make your personality more presentable by enhancing your public speaking skills and management skills.
  • The stone will also reduce negative feelings and emotions like anxiety and loneliness. It will bring you calmness and peace to help you keep your mind focused on making your life better.
  • Blue Sapphire, also known as Neelam, is also a stone of wealth and prosperity. It is known to attract wealth and abundance to the wearer.
  • The energy flow of the stone also helps you with your spiritual practices. It will increase your concentration powers and help you connect with the higher powers.
  • The stone will give you mental clarity too.
  • Indeed, your intuition’s powers will boost to let you know what is good for you and what is not.

Healing Properties of the Blue Sapphire Gemstone

The health benefits of the blue sapphire gemstone include removing toxic substances from your body by detoxifying your blood and maintaining blood circulation better.

Brain or nervous system-related diseases will be cured.  Any inflammations or infections will heal as well. Also, the stone will assist in providing relief from body pain, fever, and headaches.

Who Should Wear The Blue Sapphire?

People who have the adverse effects of Saturn should wear an original Blue Sapphire gemstone. The Saturn which is also called Shani, if is in a position that can have negative effects will cause troubles in your life. And so to remove these harmful possibilities from your life and Kundli, you should wear this stone. The stone will remove all the negativity and bring you positivity.

You should consult with an astrologer and get your Kundli or birth chart checked.

How to Wear the Blue Sapphire Stone?

The Blue Sapphire gemstone is a stone which according to Vedic astrology, should be worn with proper Vedic pooja process. The stone will cleanse and purify when you wear it with the proper method and will give it your maximum benefits.

Know the complete process and mantra of the blue sapphire gemstone here – Who, Why & How to wear Blue sapphire Gemstone?

To Conclude

The blue sapphire stone is a stone of royalty, good luck, and calmness. This stone’s properties give you positiveness in your social, and professional life as well as keep your mental and physical health better. Being one of the most powerful stones on Earth, the vibrations of this stone will benefit you the most when you will wear it with proper process and after proper consultation. So if you are willing to wear this stone, first you should be aware of the powers of this stone which we have mentioned above for you to read.

Now you can buy your Blue sapphire gemstone. You should buy it from a reputable and trustable source, like the reputable retailer of loose gemstones since 1985, Rashi Ratan Bhagya. You can purchase different gemstones of different cuts and weights like Ruby, Yellow Sapphire, Emerald, hessonite, etc. as well with a certification of lab.

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